Professional Portfolio

2021 -

Music Video - Femi Badero 


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Creating a music video for Femi, set around London. Video for a upcoming song playing with different formats and colours.

2021 -

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Editing a episode of the youtube podcast "Ballertalk" responsible for grading and transitional multi-cam editing.

2021 -

charrli ,London

Videography/Video Editor

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Working as a videographer/video editor for the upcoming zero waste sustainable company "charrli", shooting on a Sony A7III (30fps) (4K). Edited using various animated and stylistic techniques.

I produced content to edit into a video advert for their brand. Showing how they work and expressing the sustainable nature of their company and how it works. Video is featured on their website which is shown below:

Alphabetical Studio London Videography/Video Editor

2020 -


I worked for Alphabetical Studio, with their work in the CSM (Central Saint Martins) building.

They had animated posters for welcoming students and visitors, I was responsible for referencing work they had done with numbers of images and videos as well as future places for posters and advertisements.

(See below)

2020 -


Video Editor

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KEEPTHEBAN is a non-profit organisation which focuses on the hunting and killing of foxes,

I edited a video for their social media channels to express the importance of awareness and history of fox hunting.

2020 -



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Working for SWNS during the latter part of the first COVID-19 lockdown, I was responsible for documenting Takeaway outlets/bars and how they're abiding by the new rules concerning the pandemic.


Documenting the public across the beach in Brighton on a sunny day.


2019 -

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Working for Advantage I was responsible for putting together footage from their employee voyage cruise getaway, where they displayed the specifics of the boat they were visiting for customers to see.

2019 -

Sister Supporter


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I worked with Sister Supporter on filming a charity fundraising event they had in Shoreditch / London.

I filmed their T-shirts and collaborations throughout a runaway showing.

2017 -


Anomaly Advertising

Intern/Freelance Videographer

Across a period of a year and a half, I worked as a Videographer for Anomaly Advertising for several high-profile clients. 


This video here was for the brand "Virgin trains" showing off their prices and deals on a busy London main road / Underpass in Euston.

I collected references for past adverts and clients looking to see their work in a situational based environment.